RAS Tower Download

The Viban™ RAS Tower Disinfection System is a mobile UV tower for rapid and chemical-free disinfection of frequently touched & used exposed surfaces. The use of UV C light is the latest popular tool emerging worldwide in combating Covid-19 pandemic. UV radiation has been used for years for water & air purification. UV based disinfection system uses the powerful UVC germicidal radiation of 253.7 nm for destroying a wide spectrum of pathogens by damaging their genetic DNA/RNA and hence incapacitates them for reproduction.

The UV C Disinfection System employs 6/12 nos. (Viban Super / Viban) mercury lamps that emit a total UVC output power of more than 186/144 Watts for complete 360° disinfection. A 400 sqft area room can be disinfected in 30/60 minutes by positioning the equipment at different places within the room. The Viban™ RAS Tower is highly beneficial for places/items which gets in human contact frequently such as hospitals, airports, shopping malls, metros, hotels, factories, etc., and also for electronic equipment, computers, etc., laboratories, and offices that are not suitable for disinfection with chemical methods.

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